imageIsabel Martínez is a highly qualified Ayurvedic Therapist specialised in massage and the performance of the different treatments and ancient techniques developed in India thousands of years ago. After her Ayurvedic studies she completed an internship at the Shashi Clinic in Palus, India. She is also trained as a Yoga teacher.


Ayurveda is the Science and Philosophy of life, its roots sprouted more than 5000 years ago in ancient India.

Treatment and Massage

General head and body massage with warm medicated oil. It reduces physical and mental pain, improves the elimination of toxins, rejuvenates all tissues and brings relaxation and strength. One of the best ayurvedic treatments to ever experience.
75 minutes and 10 minutes sauna. 90€
5 Abhyangam voucher. 400€ (50€ discount)

Shiro Abhyangam
Head and shoulders Massage with medicated and refreshing oil. If the human being was a tree, the head is considered in Ayurveda the roots of the tree. Head is made up of the sense organs and the brain nerves, it’s like the control operational center for body and mind. Head massage opens the top energy centres, releases fatigue, anxiety and stress. Brings natural glow to the skin and the eyes.
40 minutes. 50€
5 Shiro Abhyangam voucher. 225€ (25€ discount)


The ultimate head massage and one of the pearls of all Ayurvedic treatments. The third eye therapy. It consists on the continuous stream of oil or liquid (milk or decoctions) poured over the forehead and the top of the head. It washes away stress, fatigue, recurrent thoughts and depression. The body is first prepared with a short Abhyangam.
30 minutes Abhyangam followed by 30-50 minutes of Shirodhara according patient’s body type. 110€.
5 Shirodhara voucher. 450€ (100€ discount)


Pinda Swedam
Steam herbal bundles filled with rice and soaked in warm milk or medicated oil. Highly recommended to treat pain and stiffness of the joints and the muscles.
Benefits: arthritis, fibromyalgia, ostheoarthritis, insomnia, mental stress, phlegm congestion and water retention.
75 minutes. 10 minutes sauna. 100€
5 Pinda Swedam voucher 440€. (60€ discount)

Herbal nose drops and head massage. We begin with a head massage to open the channels, then we proceed to the treatment of the synus with medicated oil. Indicated for most conditions above the collarbone. Hormone issues, nasal congestion, sinusitis, allergy, it improves mental clarity, beauty of the face and the eyes, it benefits cervical spine and neck, eyesight, throat issues, etc. Repeat for permanent benefits.
45 minutes. 60€
5 Nasya voucher 270€. 30€ discount
Netra Basti
Soothing eye soaked therapy for eye strain and vision. Recommended for dryness, irritation and eye fatigue. It improves blurred vision and slows aging eyes. Repeat for permanent benefits. It includes head massage.
45 minutes 70€.
5 Netra Basti voucher 315€. 35€ discount

Kati Basti
Warm herbal oil is poured into a ring made of dough and placed on the site of pain on the spine (lumbar, sacral, cervical…). The treatment is followed by a back massage. It benefits all kind of spine problems (back pain, hernia and sciatica). Repeat for great benefit.
50 minutes. 10 minutes sauna. 70€
5 Kati Basti voucher 315€. 35€ discount


Hridaya Basti
Warm herbal oil is poured into a ring made of dough placed over the heart or the center of the chest. This treatment benefits the heart (high blood pressure, palpitations and heart diseases). It’s also recommended to treat respiratory problems as bronchitis, asthma, congestion and phlegm accumulated inside this area. It relieves stress and emotions accumulated in the Anahata chakra. This treatment is followed by a massage of the torso and the arms. Steamed towel is applied to increase all the benefits.
50 minutes. 70€
5 Hridaya Basti voucher 315€. 35€ discount

Nabhi Basti
Warm herbal oil is poured into a ring made of dough and placed on top of the navel. This treatment is ideal for digestive problems. All nadis (energetic channels) converge in this centre of the body. It benefits emotional repression deeply sited in this area to be released. Beneficial for constipation, flatulence, slow digestion, diarrhoea… Followed by an abdominal massage and the application of a steamed towel for the improvement of digestion.
50 minutes 70€
5 Nabhi Basti voucher 315€. 35€ discount

Karna Purana
Ear and jaw therapy. We begin with a vibrant head and neck massage. Then we apply nurturing oil into one ear, and then the other one. A warm towel is also applied and a massage for the jaw is also given. Beneficial for patients with tinnitus, vertigo, ringing, congestion, jaw tension, neck problems, head colds, synus infections and allergies.
60 minutes 70€
5 Karna Purana voucher 315€. 35€ discount

(This treatment is only performed if the patient is really overweighted and has a Kapha dosha disease).
Herbal powder is applied after a short Abhyangam to improve the movement of lymph. It’s a very vigorous massage which intends to eliminate water, cellulitis and the stagnation of accumulated energy and fat. It reduces weight very fast.
60 minutes. 10 minutes sauna. 100€
5 Udvartanam voucher 450€. 50€ discount.

You can combine treatments and benefit with a 10% discount for a two or more massage voucher.

We can provide you with the information to have to an appointment with an Ayurvedic doctor. Treatments recommended by the doctor have a 15% discount.

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