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Don’t you have enough time to go to Yoga classes? Have you heard about Yoga and think it could improve your life? Do you feel heavy, stiff and distracted? Would you like some extra assistance in your practice? Do you want to learn which are the best postures and breathing exercises for you? Is your life too busy, stressful, and can’t even manage to do some exercise? Thinking about Mindfulness and Meditation as tools to deal with everyday life? I can help you.

I have designed a special program focused on Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. I always say these techniques are available for everybody, you can make the use you want from them. I mean you don´t have to “be spiritual” to practice. In my private sessions you will get to:

– Learn how to manage stress, tiredness, and lazyness

– Improve your energy, confidence and self steem

– Get rid of stiffness, pain and physical discomfort

– Feel healthier, stronger, and powerful

– Get to know yourself better

– Improve the relationships with yourself and the world


Charges one to one:

1 x 90 minutes session:  60 euro

4 x 90 minutes sessions booked and paid in advance: 200 euro

8 x 90 minutes sessions booked and paid in advance: 360 euro

Charges to couples:

1 x 90 minute session: 75 euro

4 x 90 minutes sessions booked and paid in advance: 250 euro

8 x 90 minutes sessions booked and paid in advance: 450 euro

* Please note that an extra charge would be applied in case I have to drive out of Málaga and Rincón de la Victoria

* I will provide the props, mats also available, though it is always better you use your own mat.

A little bit about myself:

I started practicing Yoga for the first time in India in 2007. My situation was quite hard, I was depressed and had had enough of parties, alcohol and drugs. I was alone feeling the emptiness, sadness, and self anger one feels when you’re not trying to run away from everything using intoxicants. My first classes were out in the open, in Nature. The teacher was a young Yogi of Khajuraho, we were only two students, after a couple of days I was the only one. Since the first chanted Om I felt that it was going to be a huge thing in my life. I was fascinated, I started to fill the void, the emptiness with the wonderful sensation of  wholeness.  In 2009 I was luckily fired from the restaurant I was working at and started a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Gleb Loginov from Tao Center , then another one with Jose Luis Cabezas in Dynamic Yoga Method, created by Godfri Devereux. I have learned Yoga with many other teachers, I feel Joaquin G. Weil is the one who has most influenced me and who gave me the opportunity of starting to teach in Yogasala. I have also taught in Milarepa and Espacio Humano, in public schools: CP. Clara Campoamor and CP. Garcia Lorca. I am now an Iyengar Yoga student, I learn from Agustin Utrera and I travel often to India where I have done several courses with Rajiv and Swati Chanchani and Usha Devi, all Senior Iyengar Yoga Teachers. I am also an Ayurveda Consultant specialised in massage and nutrition. I am also a Vipassana meditator, having done several courses in the tradition of  Sayagyi U. Bha Kin.

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